Name: Richard DarkSoul

Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Sex: Male

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March 2009

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Out of the Woodwork

Alright, this is probably jumping the gun a bit but where else should such news go down. Ive been studying programming, IT and game development for now 4 years. This being my last year before getting a degree, in fact I have just over a month of school left before the real world starts. I've been building a bunch of flash games, working on iphone development, and now in my spare time been working on one special little project I have dubbed ATA. This project as you probably quickly realize is a new AAT type game. Though, as it has gone in the past most people would fork off the code of a past game to make their own my project is a bit different.

What I have been working on, is recreating the game free from the web browser. I have enjoyed AAT for years and this is my way of keeping that enjoyment going. I'll try to keep posting blogs as I move forward with programming this project, and once I get something online, maybe even see if anyone is interested in testing different features. The first milestone will simply allow players to create a new account and travel around the universe, though since this is nearly ready I have etched that the second milestone allow players to trade resources with ports and earn credits with which they can upgrade their ship. I hope this turns out well, so far its really renewed my interest in the game, except on a very different level than I was ever interested before.

To end it off I would just like to elobarate on my name decision and an introduction to my game.

ATA stands for Advanced Trade Alliance, I of course started with the acronym, it seemed like a nice way to show where my game and interest came from. It also incorporates the first major change I will be making; that being the Federation is renamed Trade Alliance. I am taking away the distinction of good or evil in the hopes that this will emerge through RPG aspects as the game progresses and as a result the inset division between Federation and Alliance needed to be removed. This Trade Alliance will exist in a pocket of the universe their space similiar to AAT as the startoff location for new players. As players learn to play the game they will be able to set off into open space and make a name for themselves. In which way, will be up to them.

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