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April 2009

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Richard Pitul

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Planet Menu and Other Graphics

Well these last few day's I have been working on some graphics in Photoshop for the game, I am doing a presentation of some work I have done over the last couple months and wanted to have more graphical things to highlight what I have been doing.

Keep in mind right now there are a few things I have simplified in the game, like the number of different tech attributes. During these early stages I think its more important to get all the different aspects of the game working before expanding on them into how I want them to be.

I am not sure if I have said something else elsewhere but the next functionality I will be implementing in my game is allowing players to upgrade their ship and real space travel, they are intertwined and while testing real space I want to be able to include tests with different engines levels.

Post Date: Apr 3, 2009 - 12:29 pm

Trading and Warp Travel

Well so far I have gotten warp travel and manual trading working, I am pretty happy with myself. The most annoying part is I don't have my own server, so to test it I have to open up a path to my computer which I really dont like doing. Anyways, here is what the main screen is looking like now, and how the manual trading window looks.

Post Date: Mar 28, 2009 - 4:40 pm

Continued Work on my Game

I'm not sure if anyone cares or not, but I am hacing an interesting time working on it. I finally got the networking between client and server working properly, and then the last couple of days were spent making some graphics for the game, if I do say so myself, its starting to look pretty cool. Heres some images of the display, and some other images that will be in the game.

The space port I like the least, but Id rather get a working game then get lose time making graphics for a nonworking one.

I guess I will explain a bit about the gui obviously its taking a few elements from the AAT with a similiar panel style layout, the warp links on the bottom right, and left and right corner showing player and sector information. The biggest difference in my game from a navigational standpoint is going to be the 3D map, depending on engine size this 3d map in the bottom centre will show a certain amount of sectors you are closest to and allow you to travel to them.

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Post Date: Mar 18, 2009 - 8:40 pm

Out of the Woodwork

Alright, this is probably jumping the gun a bit but where else should such news go down. Ive been studying programming, IT and game development for now 4 years. This being my last year before getting a degree, in fact I have just over a month of school left before the real world starts. I've been building a bunch of flash games, working on iphone development, and now in my spare time been working on one special little project I have dubbed ATA. This project as you probably quickly realize is a new AAT type game. Though, as it has gone in the past most people would fork off the code of a past game to make their own my project is a bit different.

What I have been working on, is recreating the game free from the web browser. I have enjoyed AAT for years and this is my way of keeping that enjoyment going. I'll try to keep posting blogs as I move forward with programming this project, and once I get something online, maybe even see if anyone is interested in testing different features. The first milestone will simply allow players to create a new account and travel around the universe, though since this is nearly ready I have etched that the second milestone allow players to trade resources with ports and earn credits with which they can upgrade their ship. I hope this turns out well, so far its really renewed my interest in the game, except on a very different level than I was ever interested before.

To end it off I would just like to elobarate on my name decision and an introduction to my game.

ATA stands for Advanced Trade Alliance, I of course started with the acronym, it seemed like a nice way to show where my game and interest came from. It also incorporates the first major change I will be making; that being the Federation is renamed Trade Alliance. I am taking away the distinction of good or evil in the hopes that this will emerge through RPG aspects as the game progresses and as a result the inset division between Federation and Alliance needed to be removed. This Trade Alliance will exist in a pocket of the universe their space similiar to AAT as the startoff location for new players. As players learn to play the game they will be able to set off into open space and make a name for themselves. In which way, will be up to them.

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Post Date: Mar 8, 2009 - 10:58 pm

Still Hoppin; despite the energy requirements for SD

Well, it?s been a couple weeks now I think and I am still alive in the main game, I think I?ve been lucky but hopefully that remains for another week because I seem to have a thousand things going on with school.

Anyways, there seems to be a lot of little details that I am slowly learning again. It?s not that bad though just a bit tricky some of the time. Sure it?s easy to say each fighter of sector defence uses 2.5 energy units but I think that has to be put into context better for some people. If you have 10 million fighters of SD you are going to use 30million energy in one attack and run. So if you want to be able to sustain at least 30 of those attacks you?re going to need upwards of 900 million energy on the planets in the sector. So it really does get high really fast. Some people have over 70 million fighters. If someone were to take out 2million each attack and run; that would be 35 attacks, and around 6 billion energy would be needed to sustain those fighters for the entire session.

Well, I need to get back to work; hopefully later I'll post again.

Post Date: Nov 8, 2008 - 8:02 pm

Back in the System

Hello all,

I was bored over the long thanksgiving weekend and decided to join the main game. See if any of the old charm of the game was back in some shape or form. While I am not yet decided I am pushing forward. What I am looking for is someone to explain some things to me, since it has been forever and a day since I played a solid game. And even longer since I knew what I was doing, particularly in the defence of sectors. ie levels to put up and maybe some sort of score:defence ratio. Last time I tried to jump in I kept losing sectors I thought were defended pretty good and lost interest in playing. Or someone can point me to a link to check out or add me on msn.

I kind of want to get back at least to the skill level I was before, probably improve on that a bit too.


Post Date: Oct 14, 2008 - 9:40 am

Sound System; yea im still around.

So I don't play too much AAT anymore and when I do I am in and out. It's not that I don't like the game. Simply put I don't have the time required to play with any longevity. If there's a server out there I haven't that has settings that make it a pick up game. Some quick settings and a weekly reset would be perfect. However I don't think it exists and so I found some new games to play. Mainly Rock Band; it is by far the ultimate party game ever. It's looks daunting to the new player; but just about anyone can pick it up and be rocking in a half hour. Harmonix also happens to be my favourite developer of games. Since I found Amplitude I've been dreaming of working there myself. There has been but one problem with my obsession with them though. See Harmonix only makes music type games. Frequency, Amplitude(sequel to frequency), Guitar Hero 1 and 2, and now Rock Band. What started as just a dream job created a related obsession. My sound system has grown and sitting here I just really realized how much I've spent on it. I've actually built together two different systems, a 2.2 system for music and a 5.1 system for video. And for games I get both into it so I have 7.3;. Thats not to be confused with 7.1 surround sound i actually have 2 front lefts and 2 front rights in mine.

So when I started my system I picked up a Kenwood 500watt receiver from the local pawn shop for $150 then I picked up a set of speakers plus a sub refurbished for another $150. That lasted a while, movies were great but music; just didn't do it for me. So about a year later I bought a couple PA speakers for $100 and ran them off my receiver instead; it added a great deal to my system. I was happy once again. Then I went to university and I got a little competitive to say the least. I wanted my music louder then it had ever been before. And I knew my speakers could be much louder then the measly 100watts of power estimated to be coming out of the Kenwood receiver. So after a long search I picked up a 1000watt Soundcraftsman PCR800 amplifier  for $150. I slunk back into a comfortable chair and did some AC/DC album sides after plugging that all in. It didn't end there though oh no. While it was louder the PA speakers just weren't capable of hitting the bass as I dreamed it could be. The sub from my surround system just didn't have it in it either. And so another $150 and me and my friend built a dual 10inch sub.  So we plugged that into a second Soundcraftsman amplifier; another PCR800 which my friend gave me; and I was finally set. The bass was louder everything sounded good; that was until you turned the speaker off and you could hear the singer on the sub. One more piece would be needed; today I got that piece. Another $150 for a Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ1520. First piece of equipment I bought new. Its a crossover and an equalizer in one and I just have to say wow. I'm at a small fraction of max volume and its really loud.  

The thing now is looking back on it its cost me what $700 bucks Probably closer to $900 when you add in all the cables I have purchased. For me thats a lot of money. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it's worth it and I would do it again. I could see someone spending 4x more and getting something half as good. But really its nuts how things add up; and I could see myself getting something else in a month or two just for the sake of getting something better. Main problem now is the surround receiver; Its certainly the one thing holding me back; sadly its the most expensive piece. And something I don't want to skimp out on. The next purchase is probably new home theater speakers; specifically a center channel. Ah well; I guess this is a little bit of a misleading blog; no clue how to end it. I'll be around.

Post Date: Feb 1, 2008 - 9:55 pm

My thoughts on ship-swapping

Well I just have to say a few things. Firstly regarding the whole ship swapping. I don't think it mattered at all, in fact I think it just hurts the team that tries to do it. Why? You might ask using one ship for a whole team means it will just get bigger faster. Well, I have several reasons for it. First and foremost being the time it takes to ensure a proper swap can occur, the planet needs enough commodities to be based right away an so on, there is a certain amount of preparation required. Secondly; actually I am going to cut this first/second stuff cause there are several reasons. Next... the problem occurs when the person with the ship is the only one on the team online and has to log off; in order for the ship to be able to move while your off line without getting podded yourself is to first drop the ship on one planet and then in a second ship go land and log off, which if your in a hurry is pretty tedious and bothersome. Also if you have 4 people starting a tourney at the beginning only one of four of the people can trade while the other 3 log off and wait, hoping that the player before them can get through their trading phase; after which point they are unable to do much more because they no longer have a ship. Where if the first went in traded built a planet and dropped only cash for the next player  and then continued trading to get some wealth for themselves (which is great for the team by the way; to have several people with high scores instead of just one) Now after all the trading is complete with this one ship which is decently leveled by now you move to building where once again you're handicapped. Only one person to build planets, one ship to populate; now in a server that is not a high speed tournament maybe this ship swapping would work, know what it would probably be a great strategy. But in the tournaments you need to be able to put up a base, and defend it fast, 3 people with a bit lower hull then one big one can for that job with great efficiency as well, 3 people can make 2 or 3 different bases at the same time; when one falls you don't lose everything. It a great system; it has worked great before and it worked great this time as shown by other teams starts. Which I only assume didn't swap ships since there was quite the commotion about it when the team I am on did.

To back up my opinion just look at the rankings the ship swapping team is last. The other teams are more then likely building at a much greater rate; having more good ships to use at the same time would do that. Now the whole IGB swapping; I think thats a great idea; more cash faster; but instead of hoping for that loan to be paid off by someone else, if you were keeping your ship you could pay it off quick enough.  Since you got the loan based on the ship you have which at the start is where 80% or more of your score is.

Now I want this to be clear; this is my opinion; I am not pointing fingers at anyone; my goal with this blog is to outline what I see as the disadvantages to ship-swapping in a tournament. If you and a few friends were starting a game late, one that is not high speed like a tournament; or just starting a game that is not a tournament; I think its a mix of the speed of game play in a tourney, the no bounty restrictions which able attacks often and early, and the fact your playing people who are really good at the game and even those people who aren't all the great they are teamed with people to help them out and tell them what to do.

One final thing I want to say; I will find your sectors sooner rather then later.

Post Date: May 11, 2007 - 5:50 pm


Well; people from the past have begun to creep back. Oakman, Moonraker, and now Langel, even Tempest; though he is too busy to play right now, but its nice to hear from him and everyone else. I wonder if we will see anymore faces return. As well I wonder if it is the fact that a new version is out; or the fact that theres a new tournament on the horizon; or maybe just one spectacular coincidence. I can't be sure. Well I signed up for the tournament; and as always will do my best to make whichever team I am on have a better shot of winning. But it will be up to the team leaders, whoever they end up being that can determine which way the game goes. I am still hoping a thunderdome shows up soon; it remains my favourite type of game because of its very quick type of play. In the main I remain in a solid top 10 spot, though I imagine it breaking some time soon.

As for real life; I just finished my second year of university successfully; will be working again as of May 7th; and then next September it is school all over again. I can't decide which I like better, 8-4 working during the week with little pressure or the more much more flexible working schedule of school but with a huge amount of pressure, comparatively.  I suppose I do like the money, because of the job I am able to get myself a nice summer gift. Probably be purchasing it this week sometime, a brand new computer.

For anyone reading this with some knowhow.

Apevia Black/Black X-Plorer Case
EVGA nforce 680i Motherboard
EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS Superclocked 320MB
Intel Core 2 Duo e6600
Zalman CNPS9700NT Copper CPU Heatsink

and two parts that I may change
OCZ Platinum Revision 2 2048MB (2*1024) RAM
OCZ Game XStream 700 watt PSU

RAM is the main thing that I keep swapping for different ones; supposedly motherboards, or at least the one I want are picking about their RAM now, and I don't want to be stuck right away. If anyone has any suggestions on the build, they are welcome, I really can't wait. The computer from my standpoint is amazing; should last me for a while.

Other then that nothing really important going on with me, guess I'll have to take some time to finally update my own website, and fix up my bike so I can get into shape again, gained a bit of wait at school, been learning how to cook the best way I know how, by feeding myself.

Well, the order for my new computer is in, should be ready by the weekend, ended up getting it from a store cause they undercut the price from the internet.

Powerlogic Atrix 5000
eVGA nForce 680i
2GB Corsair Dominator 1066Mhz
Intel Core 2 Duo e6600
BFG Geforce 8800GTS 550Mhz
BFG 650 watt
Acer 19 inch 5ms Monitor

Well good luck to all,
Richard aka DarkSoul

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Post Date: May 1, 2007 - 12:43 am

No Way

Well, its finally here, and I think it is an awesome sight to see. Its going to be real cool to have a bunch of 0.3 games going finally, and the tournament, well I just have to say that I hope I have time in my schedule to get in on that. Perhaps though a warm-up game with tourney settings, so that old guys like me can get back into our comfort zone. I know it has been a great deal of time since I have gone on an attacking spree, too long in fact. I would attempt it in the main but I don't think that would be the smartest thing to do in that game. At least in the position I am in there. But a no bounties 2 week warm-up going on along side the sign-ups for the tourney would be awesome. Or if someone has the time to do it bring the thunder dome back. Or why not both lol.

But I digress, although I do want to play my continuously busy schedule generally precludes me from bringing my A game, but if I do end up playing, even at a diminished playing time limit, I am sure to bring some fun things to my team, if its a team game were playing of course. Regardless if it somehow ends up with a singles tourney ill play and see what I can do.

As for myself, 5 assignments, and 4 exams before school is out, and I begin to work. I am just hoping I get at least a week's break between the completion of my second year of university and my first week of work, last year was terrible, got back from university on a Wednesday day, next day had an interview, then the next Monday i started work.

Post Date: Apr 5, 2007 - 12:24 am


Well, its been a while since I posted a blog here. I have been so busy with school work mostly. Most recently a video to present a game idea for the class, seems to be pretty good so far. The most annoying part of this project is the work I had to put into drawing different characters, background, scenery, and some objects. I am not nearly the greatest artist, what I draw takes time, usually about 2 - 4 hours a drawing and they aren't even that good in my opinion anyway.  Still I do find a little bit of enjoyment in drawing, probably about the same amount of fun I have when I am programming. Sounds a bit weird but yes, I do have fun doing it. My goal in the end is to be a sort of game director, cause I enjoy most aspects of the game development process, 3d animation is fun, creating the interface, concept development, programming, even the advertising a bit, I love making trailers, lol. For this reason I can't wait for next semester because we will finally be creating full games, instead of little programming assignments and drawings for a game that will never be. I heard we will be be using opengl, meaning ill probably have even less time to play AAT.

Speaking of AAT though, seems it doesnt matter how little I play, i am currently 7th place on the main game, and have been sitting around consolidating for at least a month, probably closer to two. Maybe when it gets close to reset Ill come out of my hole, team up with someone and go on a rampage, see if we can affect the rankings at all.

On another topic, the new show Heroes is awesome, its about a bunch of people who find out they have superhuman powers, it seems to be leading to them joining together and helping to avert a nuclear bomb going off in New York. So far though, only a few have even seen each other and know the other has secret powers as well. Some have seen each other only in passing, others have started to meet up and join together. In my opinion its the best new show this year, it seems to have solid writers who can create a well thought out story.  


Well I would post a whole new blog for one paragraph, might as well just update this one. Since school started I had been unable to update my website, or check on it much. Went on earlier and noticed something incredible, well at least I think it is as someone who hasn't been updating much, my hits have continued to increase, though i am currently not sure what the difference is between a hit and a visit. What I do know is that my website actually had  778 visits or 7183 hits, I couldn't believe it and im going on the idea that 778 is the number i should be looking at. I looked into it and it seems the page getting the hits is my featured page. It has an image of an Iron Maiden poster I put together in the summer. Looking a little closer I realized that my visitors were coming from a search engine, from an image search, in particular Google. So I hopped on over to Google Images, and did a search for Iron Maiden Poster, seemed to me like an average search query for someone looking for just that, an Iron Maiden poster, to my surprise there I was the 9th image showing up.

Suffice to say, I am doing a few updates this week, adding some more content, doesn't matter if you go to my website,, I am just posting this cause I am excited.

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Post Date: Nov 27, 2006 - 2:28 pm

Switching Gears

Well as September begins soon so does school. Second year of university this year and I really am looking forward to it. I love the program I am in which is the main part and then there is all the bonuses that come along with university life. Fast internet again, not working full time, parties and whole lot of fun. As well I get to update my website again and hopefully finish my flash blackjack game that I started when the summer began before I was busy with work, so its going to be great in all aspects.

As far as AAT though, I am not too sure whats's going to happen, was playing in the featured game will probly have one more attack run next week and see what happens from there. As well I am happy I kept my beta account from getting purged cause now I can test the fresh waters without having to wait to build that much. What I really want though is to see a new 0.3 tournament, not sure what type, actually I dont really care, just be nice to have one. As well I hope a new Thunderdome gets going once 0.3 is released, all the new attacking changes, just about everyone needs to brush up and what better way then the old thunderdome.

For those of you who were not around when the thunderdome existed, it was a very small universe maybe 150 sectors if memory serves me, you started with several trillion, point was to buy an attack ship and hunt down whoever else was online. Needless to say everyone's game was short, theres no hiding, no logging off for a few days somewhere safe, cause you werent safe anywhere. The point was to see how many kills you could get before dying yourself. There was even a ranking showing who lasted the longest, and how many kills, as long as your registered with the profile server.

Really would be awesome to have this again, but will need alot more cash this time, or lower the tech costs alot.

Oh yea, not sure where I should post a bug on the main site, the flash chat doesnt show if someone is online anymore.
Edit: only if your flash is not up to date

Alright thats all for now, watch for me in the beta game, DarkSoul

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Post Date: Aug 31, 2006 - 9:13 pm


Well I've been spending any free time I can find looking into new music thats coming out. My uncle is a drummer for a local band and told me about Jonas, they are from Montreal, Quebec and one word I like to describe them with is wow. Referred to them in my last blog entry and thought they deserved their own entry too. My favourite song of theirs is Edge of Seventeen I love the beat and it has a very easy chorus to learn, you start singing along to it if your not careful both out loud and in your head. Another song I think is pretty good is Daddy. As I said before they have a sort of Led Zeppelin feel without sounding like a Zeppelin copycat which in my opinion is great. If you want to check them out yourself check their website at

Might do a few more of these, at least for the band Hinder, another one Ive started listening to this summer.

Again good luck, and have fun
DarkSoul, aka Richard

Post Date: Jul 5, 2006 - 9:31 pm

One X

Had to say this somewhere to someone, the new three days grace is awesome, sampled it first online then went and purchased it for myself. It great, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are able to hold onto the high just as long if not longer then greenday did with their american idiot cd. If you were thinking about getting it, then don't think twice, their current hit is Animal I have become and if anyone else has heard the rest of the cd and would like to make a prediction of their next one id love to hear them. My prediction is either Pain if they want another heavy sounding song or Gone Forever if they want to have a slower softer song.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, if nothing im listening to some awesome music, after the Three Days Grace cd I found out about a new musician from montreal, quebec, called Jonas, kind of has a Led Zeppelin feel which is awesome. And since I bought some really nice decent pa speakers, even though their the bottom of the line they are better then tiny satellite speakers with fake tweeters, the music sounds that much better.

Thats all I have to say for a while.
Good luck and have fun.
DarkSoul, aka Richard

Post Date: Jul 4, 2006 - 10:02 pm

What time is it?

Time to put a new blog entry up. I've been so busy with work that it seems I do nothing else, this weekend was the first exception. Having had a long weekend for Canada Day. Spent yesterday playing pool and darts with some friends so that was fun, none of us can be considered good but as long as we keep playing we should all get better at it. But still work seems to keep me so busy and most of the time I feel so bored I just can't help but look forward to going back to university in September. They just recently started adding the classes so you can start to work on making a schedule. Hopefully I can make one that is as good as my last year's schedule's were, but that would be a tall order.

I can't wait to get more time to work on my website and hopefully make some new games, both flash and non-flash ones. I will be learning java starting in september so who knows what kind of fun things ill be making in only six months. Who knows maybe ill learn enough to be able to make good custom graphics for Alien Assualt Trader.

Ive been playing the main game for some time and it seems my tending abilities always lead me into the top 10 or somewhere close to it, think I was 11th last time I checked, built a few more planets so maybe that will push me into the top 10 and maybe even further. Noticed today too that the sector defence is directly connect to fighters as when I went to increase the amount was denied. So I upgraded my planets and hopefully they will keep any opponents out for a while. Well I have to get back to a few things, maybe ill post another of these soon, will ahve to see what happens as time frees up.

Post Date: Jul 2, 2006 - 1:29 pm

v7ndotcom elursrebmem part 2

Well it took about 4 days to even get indexed in the google search engine for the contest, but today I finally got on the search engine, I quickly jumped up into the top 50 sites, was even top 40 for a while today, I am learning so much about search engine optimization and after the contest I will take what I have learned and use it for other projects.

As for alien assault I have been playing in the profiles r us beta server, stuck at second place right now and phirephly is in first one of the hardest things i am finding in the new version is getting the creds to upgrade your ship, is it just me or do others feel ship upgrade costs are a bit too steep? Either way its almost time to take aggressive action, only problem i see is i am in bounty range for just about everyone, hopefully I can pull some tactics out and hit some nice targets.  

Post Date: Jan 22, 2006 - 5:51 pm


Hi everybody, I found this contest on the web, its a SEO (search engine optimization) contest . The object of the contest is to be ranked #1 for the given search phrase in google. Prize for first place is $4000us so I thought I would give it a try. Even though I am really just learning about SEO as I am making the webpage for the contest. It will be interesting as there are alot of people trying to grab the prize money. Well if anybody is has a chance and wouldnt mind posting a link to my webpage for the contest it would help quite a bit in getting my page rank up. In your blog, on your own website, the more links the better, and if you tell me i will post a link back to your site.  Thanks, if I do win I will send at least $100us to AAT.

Click the link below to go to the site.

Or copy and paste this link.

Post Date: Jan 17, 2006 - 11:22 pm

this should be good

Well, if the game is working like I am hoping it is, if bounties are working, trades, and the major stuff. I think everyone is going to be hitting the accelerator. Good luck in the new games, im positive i will be in one of them. Just as soon as I get at least a solid hour to start up in one.

If the game is working right I may once more try to play an aggressive game, I find it more fun, but i suppose that's the difference between passive and active gameplay.

See you in the beast we call AAT, just don't get swallowed whole.

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Post Date: Jan 11, 2006 - 9:18 am

We are playing a game

Remember that this is a game, nothing more.

Post Date: Jan 6, 2006 - 2:38 pm

Boiling Point

I find the events in the profiles game interesting. You have a game where bounties are glitched, of neons reasons

1. A player named Angel kept taking my teammate's stuff.
2. He had a federation bounty, which marks him fair game.
3. The game was about to end.

The second would normally be plausible but because the bounties arent working you cant really use it either. The first, well just about everyone gets annoyed by this, only thing anyone can do is better defend against lower players, its always been the case and will probably always be the case too. The third well I just wont touch on that one.

What will be interesting is how these events will affect the next game, when and i hope all types of trades are working, and bounties are working properly. I wouldnt be surprised if some head hunting went on but we will see. It seems some members are putting together a recipe for disaster, best served on the end of a torpedoe bay, hahaha.

What I wonder is how far back neon and everyone who has capitalized on the exploit would of been set back. They couldnt of paid for the bounties, couldnt of ever upgraded their ships. Id expect they would be in negative scores and/or escape pods.

SPAR7AN, the new bounty rules, good can fight evil regardless, evil can fight good regardless, but in the case of players being neutral, normal bounty rules apply.

Post Date: Jan 6, 2006 - 12:20 pm

On and Off

Well I wanted to play the new 0.3 game, in fact im in or around the 30th ranking but i keep get side-tracked, distracted or actually do what im supposed to be doing.

I do have finals to study for yet im here now being distracted by something else al together. The biggest thing distracting me from studying though is my new website I am working on. (Next, not sure how long, of this blog will consist of making myself and some quoteunquote work look good)

You see this website is by far the best one I have ever designed for myself, I have tried to create several portfolio type websites for myself but always one of three thigns happens.

1. I think of a new better idea.
2. The assignment bell rings.
3. I switch to working on some game or playing some game.

Difference with this website, its a whole lot bigger, usually i just do or start to work on a flash site, this time however my idea is going into creating both a high bandwidth flash website and a low bandwidth html one. The website itself looks awesome, I have even recieved some awesome comments from close friends who always said my ideas were boring and looked bad. This website looks to be awesome. In my opinion its got that professional touch which I have always wanted my site to have. One night working on it I lost track of time and it was 6am, that was a fun day afterwords. Still I continue as if I was addicted and obsessed at time. Its hard to break the connection, and study. The one thing that generally works is playing AAT for a bit and then I am able to go study rather then work on the site more. The current problem I am having with the site is how to connect or animate some buttons to the rest of the page.

The website address is

The problem I am having is on the high bandwidth version if you click the updates or gamenet links you will see what i mean, the buttons look good but they dont really connect to the rest of the site. Oh well i will eventually figure it out but if anyone has an idea pm or comment the blog.

So far the best part of building the website was when I was working with the low bandwidth html site. At first it was a combination flash/html, it had flash buttons, a banner and another set of low level buttons. I was looking at the file size and it turned out to be even bigger then the flash one. So I went to battle against the files. Turned the flash buttons into jpegs, lost no quality but reduced the size significantly. From 120kb per button all the way down to 2kb per button, ah that was awesome seeing the total filesize lowering so dramatically with a simple action. But I hadnt finished yet, I had merely lowered a 1000kb flash/html page to 300kb the same size as the flash version (at its lowest).  So I attacked the banner the only hog left, tinkering again with the jpeg conversion, and shrunk another 100kb off the file size. I great feat in my books. Lowering a 1000kb page down to a measily 200kb page, without losing quality or content. I guess not everyone would call it fun but what can I say but I did.

Well take a look at my site if you have a chance, theres not much of actual content yet as I am still in the building process, getting the page designs out in the flash version and eventually the html counterparts. I just added the start of the opening page, before you actually go to the site you pick which version of the site to go to. Its not done yet, I plan to get what I need when I go home after these exams are done. With any luck when the break is over the flash pages will all be built, I will just have to see what I get done in the time coming. If you have any comments on any aspect of the site please pm me or comment the blog out, I like criticism it only makes it me and my "work" better.

Thats all for now, I am again able to study, so PJ thanks for a great game and this blog option to get me on the studying horse once more. Cya later, and everyone enjoy the game, and enjoy your life, just dont let the game be your life.

~If you have seen the new Nintendo commercial with the old guy... ah your all smarter then that, you don't need an example.~

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Post Date: Dec 17, 2005 - 9:55 pm

Renewed Interest

Well I started to play the new .3 game a day or so ago. But this time I'm trying something a bit different. Generally I just try to build for a while and attack others for cash or to help a higher power. This time I took the offensive as quick as I could. I just couldn't help myself, theres me, broke and theres planets, no sd, low defence, so I did what I had to and took them out, made my little endy decent and i didnt have to find trade routes to do it, which with them being much harder to find. I have a feeling I will be using this strategy more often. I always have fun attacking other's planets especially when I find a weak one with a ship lying on it. Got my first kill of the game with a llw to mid level endy, that was fun. Other bonus of attacking right now is to get a planet with a fair amount of colonists so I dont have to manually add them.

I'll probably continue to attack what I find, its a good time to practice the art of war, and it keeps the interest level up, I see exactly why Big finds the game boring after attacking so much, but I am content with tending planets, in fact I get a laugh out of it at time. Beating out other people without wasting a single turn. As well I got a cool new idea to protect a base, will have to try it out once I get some credits to play around with. If it works, im not sure if Ill post it, mainly cause if everyone knows then people can find a way around it, and secondly if it turns out to work extremely well, the secrets of the game are best kept as secrets.

The Donald, I wish you the best and hope that you will be strong in your time of need. I recomment the rest of the AAT community post some nice comments in your blog. Your one of AAT's best; keep your head high, stay strong and good Luck, tommorrow will arrive and shed light on a dark yesterday.

Post Date: Dec 8, 2005 - 12:52 pm

This is unimportant

Hello, thought i would take a moment and say a few things.

First off its great to hear that the betas are to be reset soon, cant wait to play around with the new trades. I basically stopped playing again so that I could get back to work on some assignments I was having, though if the game gets reset soon ill have a good amount of time to play it as I am almost through all my current assignments.

As well the new main game hosted by Tempest looks pretty good, Big is on top, but thats nothing new, most interesting thing i found about the game is that it is at the address, a server i was playing on months ago without even knowing Tempest was hosting it, and I thought he was hibernating somewhere. His new house looks great and am looking forward to any new photos if they happen to present themselves online.

I am amazed that even though we are still working out the bugs of 0.3 Tarnus is still pulling out and devising new ideas for the future, the stock market can be so amazing and cool, giving even a new player a leg up. Well if it works in such a way that would make that possible, but either way it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Well as for me, I am working on a new website for myself, a great idea hit me for a flash design so I ran with it, now the design is almost completed and another idea struck me of how to design the low bandwidth HTML version so everything is going great on it. I am about to start adding the actual pages. What makes it awesome is the fact that I have been waiting for a chance to implement some of the new things I have learned in flash, oh i cant wait, lol. As well once this website is done I will be able to hopefully go back to one of the three flash games I started some time ago, they have alot of promise and I really enjoy working on them, same thing always happens though I hit a bug and homework at the same time and the game goes into the depths of my hard drive, or another idea for something else hits me and I switch over. Still this site should get finished because coding wise I have done everything several times before and its all pretty easy now, and I just love my design, and people who have never liked my designs before like them too, so that makes it so much better. If all goes as scheduled i should have it completed for the new year. Once thats all done I think I may look into how flash recieves xml so that i can attempt to create my own front end for aatraders when that xml output comes into play, who knows if I think it is good enough it may become the default one, but thats far off as I have never used or looked into xml in my life except to the point that i know it exists. I have noticed that RSS newsfeeds are popping up more and more, and having firefox i could never subscribe to them, that changed today, as I was looking through some of the extensions firefox has I found an awesome RSS feed for firefox, its called infoRSS and goes on the status bar at the bottom of the screen, though I have nothing to compare it to myself, it seems to be great, doesnt use up any extra space on the browser as its on the status bar which always had extra room on it, and as a bonus to add newsfeeds its just drag and drop, well I think it is cool. Now I will ever miss my favourite blogs on AAT even though I havent ever missed them in the firstplace. hahaha

Oh and I am looking for someone to help me create a windows based test server on my pc, i tried something called Uniserver, it installed fine with php, mysql, and several other things but I had no real idea how to work it out, couldnt even get aatraders installed properly as I didnt know which folder i was supposed to put it in. Oh well, if anyone can help me out, thanks alot. My server will need php and mysql support at the least for my own testing purposes; but having everything that aatraders needs to work would be a great bonus, thanks.

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Post Date: Nov 22, 2005 - 7:46 am


Well I joined the profiles server to see how different strategies were going to be and I have to say that just about everything from the old game has gone into a blender and is mixxed right up. This is quite possibly the best thing that could of happened.

First off everyones game start is going to have to change, for one your stuck in a pioneer until you have a based planet and secondly you cant just find a goods port and an ore port and use them. No longer are the days of quick and efficient trades you have to work for it, to find a port that not only is selling what you want but is buying what you want to trade with it. To top it off ship and planet upgrades are differently priced now making upgrading your ship alot more expensive.

Then theres the new sector naming that changes the way hunters hunt and builders pick sectors for bases, theres so many changes you can barely call this a fork. Well I should be going now, PJ cheers to an awesome game and keep up the good work.

Good luck in game and out.

Post Date: Oct 12, 2005 - 6:53 pm

On The Eve of a Revolution

Well it seems like it is finally going to get here. The package is en route and theres a huge amount of people waiting to pounce on it.  While this is not the fully module version I was thinking that this could be a good thing to help PJ out. Getting the bugs out of this version will definitely help in the development of the next. Anyways good luck to everyone getting ready to play its going to be a new playing field where everyone will have to either learn the game or die trying.

Keep in mind everyone that alot of people are going to play, from new players to seasoned professionals so for a while at least its probably going to be tough to get in the game unless there is a huge limit for players online. Please dont hog the online time cause we all want a go.

Thats all for now, see you in game.

Edit: If Tarnus or PJ reads this, if the game is ready and your just waiting for midnight maybe you could put it into tounrey mode and let  people sign up, just a thought though.

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Post Date: Oct 10, 2005 - 10:45 am

Catch Up

Well, I did start playing the main game some time ago, thinking that i would actually try to work at it but I just dont find it as fun as I used to. Its not that the game is less fun it is that I continue want something new from the game. When the game was being added to that is when i had the most fun and while I do not want to throw the efforts of PJ and Tarnus down. Not to mention there regular busy lives there still seems to be too much of a wait. Maybe if I was more aware of how far along the new version was I could take more pleasure in waiting for it. The admins' real lives are important, much more important than this for sure. But nonetheless it has been a very long time to be waiting for something which I had thought in my mind was almost complete. Still when the next version does come back I will return, but since being off for a month in England and in a couple of weeks going off to university I feel I can fill my open hours doing something else.

I would like to thank everyone out there for making this community a good one. And until that time that I do return good luck to you all, in all facets of your lives.

Post Date: Aug 19, 2005 - 2:30 pm

On the way up

Well, for a long while I was playing actively on the main game building and bringing my score up quickly. I realized quickly that I was devoting too much time to the game, so I switched to what I usually do, log in consolidate log off. I had already created a couple good bases anyway and there have a nice profit to log in to each day so everything is good. Even though I have slowed considerably in increasing I still continue to do ok each day in fact I moved up 3 more slots today alone. Its kind of funny to think about it, I sit with 10000 turns doing nothing but using a handful a day and still continue to pass others. Ill even be able to make top 20 in a week or 2 at my rate. Not bad at all. All my profit is going into building ships as it is usually used this equates to one big thing that is crucial in any aat game. Every top player in every aat game has one thing going for them, and that is any 1 loss cannot cause enough change to turn the tide. In my case I could lose all my bases and still within a couple days rebuild and be right where I am today. That and that alone makes a champion at least in my opinion it does.

The fact of the matter is that if you cant accept a loss you will never make a gain. If your base gets hit running in guns a blazin wont help you get it back, it just means your risking even more. Going into a base that has been found in your biggest ship without any strategy or though is like paralyzing yourself. In a realtime game you have seconds to think. A bad net connection, sitting in a sector you just make yourself an open target to lose even more. Sure you dont want the enemy to take everything you had. But there are ways to get him that while have equal risk have alot better chance for survival. These include the bait and lure utilizing probe data and a list of other things. First thing to do is use the igb to strip your planets clean then the enemy is taking planets with no credits on them. Then you can wait a bit and take the planets back before they even start making money for the enemy. Thats all they want anyway. It is not likely that they will keep the base as you and if they can find out its location who else can too?

Well then, tomorrow I am getting a new computer if everything is ok on it. Its not nearly the best but its better then my current. I will need one for school in the coming year and the one I am looking at now will be suitable for that.


Post Date: Jul 18, 2005 - 9:33 pm


Heh, not sure if continuace is a word, or if it is even spelt right but the title of these don't matter much anyway.

After about 8 hours of leaving my planets at 100% I finally got a chance to come on and clean everything up. Upon logginf on I was surprised to find myself a few more spots ahead in the rankings even tho I was at a standstill. So after I cleaned all those 100%s up I went on to build some more planets. During which I made a mistake that cost me an extra 1200 turns, itstead of doing 45 repeats of a trade route I did 453, ouch that hurt but oh well. I will just continue onward.

The aat community is still quiet I hope when the new version comes out it will reenrgize the place. I remember coming on and seeing at least Csimplex, Neon, or Kool Kid in the chat but i think a feeling of stagnation as clouded the community. Even though the time taken by pj is neccessary it still is prolonged to put it nicely. Especially with that flash animation on the main page, lol.

Thats all I have to say then, good luck to everyone and if your not in the tourney, have some time the two weeks the tourney will take place.
Take a seat.
Buckle Up
Keep your arms and legs inside the spacecraft

And make a name for yourself, with random teams anyone can get lucky and have a heavy hitter or breakneck builder in their corner.

Post Date: Jul 7, 2005 - 8:04 pm

working my way up

Well, I have been going up the main game's ladder, i was flying past people for aa while but it has slowed now. I am passing about 5-10 people a day depending on how big the divisions are.  Other then that the climb is tiresome, the main way for me to climb is tto build and thats exactly what I have been doing, building planets and ships for their various uses. I tried to start a bit differently this time, when I started up. Usually ill go into an endevour to trade but this time I stopped at the columbus once it hit level 25 hull i did a few more traderoutes and went into building mode. I figured instead of wasting an endy which I would eventually have to selll so it could be used as a nova bomber i would just leave it and not waste any money.

Cheers to Alf for his new tournament it looks like it will be a good one the whole random idea will either turn out good or bad, but this time its all put up into chance. There could be a stacked team or not we will all have to see what happens. This is going to be the first tourney in along time that I wont be playing. I want to stick to the main game and besides I have grown fairly tiresome with the current version of the game, mainly because of all the new features and game aspects that will be in the upcoming installment of AAT. I think ill be more of a roadblock in a tournament then an aid.

Anyways, good luck to all in the tournament and anywhere else luck is needed.
Cya Soon

Post Date: Jul 4, 2005 - 2:02 pm


Well I decided that since I am home for a while that I would start up again, so I dived into the main game, I have set a little challenge for myself to see if I can accomplish making the top 20 within one week from this post. Not sure if I can do it or not but either way afterwords ill be as close as I can be.

While I was hoping that the next aat game I played was a .3 I guess I and everyone else will have to continue to wait. While the wait is annoying I still believe that the rewards will outweigh the long and tired path to get there. Not much else to say that I can think of.

cya again soon.

Post Date: Jun 29, 2005 - 1:30 pm

Welcome Back

Well there was some downtime but the sites back up. I have recently been playing main and have managed to climb the rankings. Me and my teammate Alf are both in the top 10. I am interested to see how far we can go.

The thing on the top of my mind now thoug is version 3 AAT. I know its coming and still have no real idea when its due.

Post Date: May 26, 2005 - 8:05 pm


Well I have been putting this off, got blasted out of the tourney by the team that is overpowering everyone else. Looking back I have mixxed thoughts on it. Though I got ejected quick I was getting a bit fed up. No matter where I built I was found out quicker then anyones business, I am not sure how they are doing it to say the lease. Wont get into that any further as I might become offensive.

Well good luck to those still in and to the person or team who can hide a base from Dracula and Devillito; I salute you.

I will just continue to play passively in the main until the new version comes out. See you there.

Post Date: May 16, 2005 - 8:03 pm

Draft Tournament

Ill continue adding to this blog and adding more information as I get time to do it.

First off I am in Oakman's Corderie.
We had a very strong start despite having the fewest players, then DD took a strong lead after we had some attacks on our bases.

Post Date: May 13, 2005 - 8:12 am

Draft Team

Well the time is coming again, slowly the players are being invited as trades are completed. The teams are shaping up and they look pretty even. When a more complete list is up i will post it for future reference, if I have the time ill post some play by play on my blog. I have been practicing a bit to get ready and it looks like the team I am on could get a nice boost in the forward direction.

I have been drafted to Oakman's team this time. I havent played with him on the same team that much, so I think this will be good. So far he seems to have good leadership skills, and from what I have heard he is going to need them. To work with around 16 players of varying levels of gameplay is going to be tough for every captain. Another player that has been invited to the team is none other the Kool Kid, i think he is going to be an assett he has alot of tournament experience, and is able to hold his own when it comes to the tourneys he has played in.

The next thing will be to pick a start time, im hoping for a weekend start I have alot more time to play then but it is up to the captains, I just hope they talk to their players too cause without the players playing you cant win.

Well I have a few more things to say but I have to be off, many things need to be prepared before the tournament, for me both in real life and some more aat practice, good luck.

Post Date: May 3, 2005 - 4:38 pm


I would like to now take the chance to say that if the current time holds up for the starting of the tournament around 3:00 EST I will easily be able to start the game right away. In my opinion, my game starts are fairly effective and I believe it could help any team have a nice start.

This tournament could be and should become a great tournament to look back on, the captains that have been chosen are in my opinion going to be able to guide their teams effectively and with a single over-powering goal in mind. That which they progress to pass over the others.

For the rest of us we must remember that the captains can't be online all the time and a certain amount of logic should be exerted. Having played in most if not all of the draft tournaments I have seen the bad, the good, and the ugly. From corruption to scandal, it has happened in a draft tournament. There are several DOS and DO-NOTS that should come naturally, things like not stealing credits from your own team and leaving nothing for anyone else; things like telling other teams the location of sectors you own. These are all things that YOU SHOULD NOT DO. Amoung all teams one strategy will be occuring at the start of the game, simply named THE SNOWBALL STRATEGY. The idea behind this is quite simple and so as to reinforce the concept:

The first players online, usually people who have volunteered before hand will begin the game for the team. They will set out with 2 main objectives, finding an upgrade port with a blue or green star and trading their way up these people will also start one planet by which to deposit credits in. When they have exhausted much but not all of their resources the money on the planet will go to the next team member allowing that person to start out higher and faster then those first players. This continues as best as possible. The key for the later players is to put more money then you took off the planet back on the planet for the next players to use.

As the players of AAT, we need show some respect to our captains, they have been made captains because of their exemplery skills and therefore know what they are talking about when it comes to the game. If you are asked to complete a task do your best to complete the task, and ask the leader for help if necessary. Not only are these games interesting to play they are the best way to learn to play the game better.


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Post Date: Apr 26, 2005 - 4:28 pm

Draft Tournament

Now here is my predicament, in the last 2 or 3 different tournaments I have been unable to play straight through due to a busy schedule in real life. Now we have this Draft Tourney, so far it looks like it is going to be a very active and interesting game. With the Big Guns coming back and the fact that this may be the last tourney before the new release are bringing a bunch of people out of the shadows. I posed the question to myself:

Should I sign up and hope that I can get the time to play in another awesome tournment?

I have come up that it would be fun to be in this probably final tournment before the new release, but as well being a draft I dont want to hold the team I get on back by inactivity, so if anyone has any ideas if I should or should not particpate please drop me a line.

Either way anyone who wants a challenge and some fun should sign up for the tourney, they are always the best games and you learn the most from them. In the Draft especially, as you get people of various types and levels of play all on one team.

Post Date: Apr 23, 2005 - 2:37 pm

AAT Blog Tag

Came on noticed Langel posted so thought i would check out the blog, her blogs always seem to be interesting. To my surprise I was mentioned in it, and seeing she was in the chat I thought I would sotp by and say hi. I log in and click the link to find a most ironic thing. That like I was when she saw me in the chat, she was also not really in the chat.

Hope to talk to her soon; though with the AAT Blog Tag it would be funny to see how long and how many instances it can go.

On another matter seems i am gaining ranks in AAT Main once again, im up into 8th place and slowly gaining on 7th, just like to say that even new players can get up the rankings, i think this is best represented in the turns used category. Myself I have used less then 100k turns to get to the point I am at. SO in essence being months since I started playing it easier to have a better start with much higher port prices. I suppose a careful player could to to the top 10 using 50k turns would have to be pretty good but it is possible.
I think for all those more experienced players it would be a nice challenge to see if they can make it to the top 10. They will need skill and luck but I think its that challenge that pushes some people to do their best.


Post Date: Apr 12, 2005 - 2:43 pm


I took a stab at the Canadian server, hit 2nd place was nearing 1st, on my way found someones ship and destroyed that. Made me start thinking this would be a boring game and after I hit a mine field I decided enough of that so I sd-ed there and started on Alf's test server. Being a test server it probably wont be around for long and I just wanted a quick game anyway.

Well been busy started playing on ALf's test server, just a quick game I wanted to try out. I quickly took first place and am going to hoard credits and build a nice ship for later use most likely.

                Calling All Canadians

If anyone will have a couple weeks to play in a nations tournament we should start to put a team together, I am only sure of a few canadians who even play AAT, well drop me a line if your interested.

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Post Date: Mar 15, 2005 - 10:54 am

Invitational Tournamnent Conclusion

Would like to give my congratulations to Ak5intoe for his win in the tournement, he deserved it. As well I think everyone in the tournment should be happy with the result they are some of the best players in AAT in my book have earned alot of respect.

I would like to give these few my thanks.
Queen Amidala
Kool Kid
Hunter S. Thompson

Razlahan and Veracity I wish you and those who could not make it to the end more luck in the future.

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Post Date: Mar 11, 2005 - 8:55 pm

Invitation Finals Start-up

Well started out with all the luck you could ask for, first trade route was found in less then 10 turns, then I found an rs route with 17 engines just a few turns away from the first route continued climbing through the rankings gathering a great effective rating would of put me right into top spot too, but my luck which I took for granted quickly went sour. I hit a 3mn mines much more then I had deflectors to say nothing and there went my shiny columbus which I was 1 route away from getting the maxxed hull of 25 on and start my building frenzy. This hit however changed that, having now used half of the startup turns and having lost approximitely half my score I opted to log out. I would not be kicked from sol and I figured I would clear my head of the encounter in the time offline. And so I waited about 2 days to come back. This starting me up with nearly another 10k turns. Now I began once more and getting much more deflectors to be more prepared. Of course I did not hit more mines this time. Instead I brought myself into 6th place and my effective rating is right back on the climb. This has given me 2 lessons, 1 buy many more deflectors even tho it will slow you down at first and 2 leaving the game after such a crash can be the best idea, although I didnt catch up to the top 5 I am climbing on them. A well rested mind can help in the decision process.

Good Luck to All

Post Date: Feb 27, 2005 - 9:42 am

Invitational Finals

Well the time is coming when the select few will do battle in the first ever Invitationals Final Round. I would firstly like to say good luck to all, who of the invited, have signed up and are ready to go.

In the main game I sit around the 10th or 11th place, pretty good I would say for just consolidating for a long while. There is pretty much nothing new going on in this game at least nothing relevant that I have noticed.

Post Date: Feb 24, 2005 - 2:20 pm

Phase 2

I wonder what PJ has for us this week, what could it be really? I mean there is the website itself, flashchat, the forums and the game. Of which 3 have been covered in phase 1. That means one of 2 things either the beta is coming, or the more probable idea I have forgotten something that is really important. We will see.

As for the main game I dropped to 11th place after taking some damage and losing a base. Been working to get back in the top 10 and I am closing in on SLowPoke once again we will see what happens in the next little bit.
Good Luck to those in the upcoming semi-finals

And finally
CHECK THE LAST QUALIFY ROUND FOR THE INVITATIONAL, if your not on the list but are online at the time jump in the flashchat the last 2 qualifiers have been quiet maybe you can still get in as an independant. The invitational is turning into the best tournament started here dont miss out.

I forgot, check out the new trial tournament server one week until game begins.

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Post Date: Jan 28, 2005 - 8:56 pm

Phase 1 Complete

Well an awesome new site layout. Course everyone who is reading this already knows that.

Main Game
Im up into a solid 9th place now following Revenge in 8th my 500k and thats closing. More fun to come into the future in that game.

Post Date: Jan 22, 2005 - 8:30 am

Phase 1

So the timer says phase 1 now. What could it mean? The first of multiple oohs and ahhs hopefully. If the new version does come out in the beta game at the timer's end you bet I will be there. I cant wait to sink my teeth into the new version.

Im stuck in 11th in the main game I cant seem to catch slowpoke how ironic is that, Im not gaining points fast enough. The horizon is looking pretty good though, Slowpoke and I should get past Pokerface in the next day or so. With my luck Badluck will catch me. Really though it doesnt matter much. I came into the game well after it began. Thinking back it the game was so far in i needed to make up around 10mn points to get even into the top 20. It just goes to show that you can easily make up score and make it to the top no matter how fargone a game is. You just have to keep at it. I would like to thank Alf for the hiding spot when I started, it allowed me to stay hidden and build a solid base.

To end this off would like to give a shout out to PJ and Tarnus
Good job on the game, im sure the new version will knock us all off our seats.(except those of us in the real cushy chairs, you know the ones you can seek into, not sure how many have them here though)

If anyone has heard about gmail and would like an account i have a few invitations and would like to get rid of them.

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Post Date: Jan 19, 2005 - 6:13 pm


I know what the timer is for.
But could someone who really does know send me what it is so I can verify.

It was worth a try, hehe
I figure 3 people know, 2 of which are easy to figure out. The third wont leak anything of course and the first two wont admit to anything either. I think this community should adopt an open doors attitude or at give me the key to the locked door.

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Post Date: Jan 14, 2005 - 4:49 pm

Main Game 2

Hello once again. News from the main game. I up to #11. Hoping to get the top 10 soon but I am still 3mn points out of it so it will take some work but I know I can do it. The team I am on, Gumby's Gang took a change recently. Alf left rather abruptly so Veracity recreated the team. Alf is the 3rd person lost to us now. First was Max Griswald, and The Death. Those of us who are left seem to be going strong still.

Post Date: Jan 7, 2005 - 6:05 pm

Main Game

I finally broke the top twenty a few days ago. With the help of someone getting knocked down above me. But now I have started to gain anyways. I am currently sitting at 17th place. I was the last member of Gumby's Gang to get into the top 20 but I was also the last to join. The galaxy is so big that it is pretty easy to stay hidden once you have hidden yourself. I just sit and upgrade my ships. Awaiting a time to unleash an assualt on the enemy.

Post Date: Dec 21, 2004 - 9:13 am


Its been a while since I posted a blog. Havent had much to say though. Just came on to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, or equivilent holiday for those not celebrating Christmas itself, and a Happy New Year.

Post Date: Dec 18, 2004 - 12:40 pm

3 Player Tourney

Well, the start date is fast approaching. I was able to team up with CSImplex and Diablo, so it looks like we should do well. I am hoping more people sign up because currently theres 50 people signed up and about half of them are teamed and profiled. I hope its another good game.

Post Date: Nov 5, 2004 - 8:24 pm


Before I join the 3 man touney I would like to know if anyone is looking to team up? So if anyone is looking for a teammate just send me a message.

Post Date: Oct 29, 2004 - 3:11 pm

Singles Tournament: The Beginning

This game I have been working with my planets alot more. For the first 2 days I had only 2 and was able to get myself into #4. I shuffled in this position and 5th all day until Diablo was killed. One of the first of most likely many to fall victim to being without a pod. This pushed me into 4th for a while with Satman and Thunderball breathing down my neck. I projected my credit production and set the planets to gather while I was offline. Returning Satman had put a fair 90k lead while thunder sits 40k behind me. I took today to increase my credit production with some more planets. I have almost gotten these new planets where I want them and most likely will by the time I log off. We will see what happens in the next days, if I go out for blood or wait and scout as I have been doing.

Top 5 List as of 9:30pm EST

BBB(Big)      1,757,078
Raven         1,287,089
Cross(Phaser) 1,044,076
Satman        808,326
Ice(DarkSoul) 721,165

Post Date: Oct 11, 2004 - 8:30 pm

Singles Tournament: First Day

Well, like always I have had my share of problems on this, the first day of the singles tournament but I still can't complain. I broke into the top 5 and am closing in on Cross(Phaser for 4th, he is 40k ahead of me still but little by little I am inching forward. I find the top 5 people to have much further apart scores then usual. Between 1st and 5th there is a 240k difference.
Top 5 List as of 10:00pm EST

BBB(Big)      467,397
Diablo        371,688
Raven         276,341
Cross(Phaser) 267,085
Ice(DarkSoul) 221,673

Post Date: Oct 9, 2004 - 9:09 pm

DarkElves 4

Finally I have broken into the top 5 on DE. I managed to get into 6th place when Stormy Ray died, and have just passed Uncas to get into 5th. What was odd is there is no mention in the news of how Stormy died. His removal from the game also pushed the Flock of Predators into a 1mn point lead over the Black Sheep. Veracity, another member of the Flock of Predators has also been moving up in the rankings and is positioned in 7th behind Uncas. Pappy Boyington has been getting close to Anakin in first place, he is now sitting 1.3mn points under him. All action in the game has seemingly died off so I have been building in several areas to increase my score.

Post Date: Oct 1, 2004 - 2:11 pm

DarkElves 3

Well I havent broken into 6th or 5th  place yet but I am hoping I will get there soon. I am only 100k behind 6th now so I am moving up no matter how slowly. Team-wise the Flock of Predators has moved down, although we are still in 2nd we are over 1mn points behind The Black Sheep.

Post Date: Sep 28, 2004 - 4:35 pm

DarkElves 2

A surprise happened today on the DE server. EroticFingers, one of the members of The Sheep Eaters gang left the game cutting out a large chunk of their score and sending them into 3rd place team. I believe the black sheep capitalized on those indies becaause their score jumped about 850k points to take first place team. The flock of Predators now trailing by 550k points. Vicious seems to be unable to fight back, it shows in the rankings that he has not logged in for the past 2 days so there is probably something blocking him from logging in.

Its been nice having some time to play this weekend, the exit of EroticFingers brought me into 8th place and I was able to gain enough ground to get myself to 7th and within 270k points behind Uncas in 6th. I am hoping that my planets have enough steam to get me into 6th position while I sleep. I should be able to get into 5th over time easily enough but after that there is a quick 1mn point score jump.

Thats all from me for now.

Post Date: Sep 26, 2004 - 10:06 pm


Now that I have a little more time to play I have pulled myself into 8th place in the Dark Elves server. The lead that Vicious and the other members of the Sheep Eaters Gang had is nearly gone. The team I am on with Anakin and Falcon is in second place merely 400k points behind them and trailing us is the Black Sheep; 300k points behind us. So it is a really close game now. Vicious who had been in first place for the longest time dropped down to third with countless attacks to his planets. Leaving the leader of the Flock of Predator; Anakin Skywalker, and the leader of The Black Sheep; Pappy Boyington, in first and second place.

This game has been very fun to play the only thing I do not enjoy is the amount of revolts that occur, beyond that I like the settings that are in place.

I guess that is all I have to say now.
So until next blog, see you in game.

Post Date: Sep 25, 2004 - 12:42 pm

Its been a while

I havent been active much lately, due to being busy getting other, real work done. Although I have been passively playing on the Dark Elves server, where I just now registered my profile.

I had a large amount of luck playing this game because although I was playing merely 10 minutes a day for the last week or so I have held on to a ranking between 10th and 12th place. My base, my only base was being used to upgrade a voyager high enough to better build a base at a later date. Vicious finally found it so now I get to have some fun making a new base.

The next release sounds like it will add alot to the game and I am ready to have a go at it when the beta opens up.

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Post Date: Sep 22, 2004 - 5:51 pm

Darkelves Problem

It is beyond me, for some odd reason I cant get to the darkelves game even when I now it is not down. Please send suggestions on how I may fix it.
Failed Attempts
Cache/cookie/offline content deleted.
Changed internet settings to reload page
shift(ctrl) refresh

This is interesting, trying to go to the's host security sage. I can not load this earlier, tracking down the link to the draft tournament I discovered that this also did not work. So if anyone has any idea why an entire host could be blocked off to me, and how to fix it, thanks.

I can get to other games fine. Please help it is driving me crazy.

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Post Date: Aug 27, 2004 - 4:36 pm

Draft Tourny FInal Entry

Well, I couldn't get to write the blogs I usually do, as it took much more work then usual to play the game. Unbelievably 5 of our biggest bases were torn apart at the most inoportune times. In the beginning just as everything was about to start producing, bang, then mid game when I we were starting to bring in the creds again, another shot in the dark. The second happened while I was unavailable to play and therefore was a big surprise, im still not entirely sure who took it, but I suspect Big.

Well I would like to say a good job to everyone playing the tourny. The greatest surprise are how well those playing their first tourny did, congrats.

Now that the tourny is over what is it going to be next. I would like to see a singles or 4 or 5 player team touny.

Until Next Blog...

Post Date: Aug 22, 2004 - 7:35 pm

Draft Trading Tourney #1

Well this tourny has been the busiest for me as of yet. So I have to keep this brief. We have ended up in a very deep hole in the tournament, falling to last place and quite a ways behind. Alf made a strategic move to drop some of his players, in an effort to make the team stronger and I give my full support to him. With the amount of damage done to the team in such a small time a durastic change was needed and I hope that this will do it.

I must return to the game now, so much to do.

Post Date: Aug 11, 2004 - 10:44 am

Draft Tourny Completed Teams

Alf's Team
Alf's Angels

Wild Angel

CSimplex's Team
Blue Rabbit's Band

ZZ Top

The Donald's Team
Dogs of War

Bottom gun
Fruit Pie Jones

Darigaaz's Team
Darigaaz Dragons


Phaser I think you should send your invites, maybe you forgot.

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Post Date: Aug 5, 2004 - 9:37 am

Upcoming Draft Tourney #2

So the draft has been completed although most of it is still in the shadows. Alf and CSimplex have invited some players.

Currently teams are as follows.
Alf's Team:DarkSoul    Wild Angel  Uncas    Veracity  
CSimplex's Team:Tempest    Siska    ZZ Top    Diablo    Smalls    
The Donald's Team:Satman    Moonraker    Bottom

The Donald and Phaser have not yet posted any picks however we can make a few assumptions of who is over there. The players being invited are those that are least likely to be traded that means. Thunderball and Moonraker or probably on those 2 teams and if picks went as I thought they would they are on different sides. Of course this is just my assumption based on my own thought process, the only way to truly know is to wait and see. Now that the captains have made their picks they will be able to make trades. During this last week before the tourney they will also need to lay out a plan of attack for their respective teams. It will be an interesting challenge splitting up the work but all teams' strategies for the beginning will be basically identical.

These captains won't have a break until a few days into the tournament most likely. First they had to draft, now they have to trade, then they have to strategize, and finally get the tourney off to a good start. I hope they are all ready for it. In my opinion Alf has a small edge captaincy wise having the most experience of the 4 but again I would like to say only time will tell what the future brings.

A little riddle I always liked, wonder if anyone can solve it.
The 8 of us go forth not back to protect our King from our foes attack.

Edit: Although I will be updating the player lists at the top, I will not be changing the rest og the blog.

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Post Date: Aug 2, 2004 - 8:03 pm

Upcoming Draft Tourney #1

The time has come once again and the next tournament is about to get underway. This time we have the always interesting Draft Tourney, however, this time there is a new twist to the game. After the draft captains will be able to trade players for other players, even credits. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Wonder if you can trade a player for recon work by part of the other team?? I guess there is no way to enforce that but it would be interesting if it were possible.

I have joined up once again, the fun that is involved in the tournaments makes them by far the best in AAT. Time is almost up to sign up and those without profile will be purged once again, kind of funny that no matter how much notice people still do not register. There are around 20 players this time that will be purged so the notice is helping a bit.

That?s all for now, ill keep you posted like I have before in the previous tourneys. I hope I can do half as well as I did last tourney.

Well couldn?t get back to this for so long I forgot what I was going to add and now I am ready to start another entry. You will see it in a few minutes.

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Post Date: Jul 30, 2004 - 9:49 am

More Random Thoughts

I was just thinking, talking about my game and other things I thought I should post the url to my site and directions to see some screens of the game.

If you go to
From there hit the bottom link, it will say "Enter My Current Flash Site"

Now all links minus "About me" work so if you want to look around go on ahead.

A notice; the site may not work on a Mac because the link connects directly to the flash file and not another html page. I have done this because as many people know geocities likes to add advertisements to their free sites. Well I have been using the free subscription solely for testing reasons to make sure my files work. Many people say that there are other free servers that do not put ads on your site but I find these lack the extremely user-friendly geocities. I once tried to switch to another but when I found out I could not upload multiple files at once, I came running back faster then you can say, well, "faster than you can say". I have yet to see a good match for geocities with the same calibre and features of a free server. If there is someone who reads this and knows of one drop me a line. The major thing I need is a good size of web space, 15megs minimum and multiple file uploads at once, my website for instance is about 15 files. 8 or so Main Ones (The pages) and another 8+ for sub files. On geocities I update everything at once which saves me a lot of time.
Thanks for reading the post and have a great day/night depending on where you live and of course when you read this.

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Post Date: Jul 25, 2004 - 7:38 pm

Random Thoughts

For the last couple of weeks, I have taken a much needed rest to work on a game I have been working on. It was going very good but now I have to take some time to actually draw out and write out,  exactly I where I want the game to go, as an RPG I believe the game is only as good as the story behind it. A good RPG needs an immersive story so that the environment and characters are not only believable but memorable. This type of story combined with the game features and to a smaller degree the graphics make a great game. Contrary to popular belief the most realistic graphics do not pull in the average gamer. The types of graphics are completely intertwined with the type of game you are playing. That is why game companies still opt to do cell-shaded games with such advanced computers at the disposal. The people at Sony choose to do as realistic graphics as they can for the Gran Turismo series because the people buying the game want to see the cars they are driving and the tracks they are on like they are actually their. Nintendo uses cartoon graphics for the Mario Party series because that is what attracts kids. The Final Fantasy games use their special effects to show a world of supernatural proportion.

My game using flash allows me to create adequate graphics for what I am trying to do, they are not the bare minimum and they are clearly not the best. This allows me create a world of my own design. In addition the coding language is in my opinion one of the easiest to learn and there are large communities ready to help people out when they are in need.

Now that I have most of the game's basic coding complete I need to create the story I wish to tell. I know the premise of it as I have written about this land many times before. This is another reason why I am making this game. For several years now I have written about the land where this game takes place. To actually begin to see it is a fantastic treat even for me.

Now since I will have to draw and write things out for the next while I may be joining a game to play here, not sure which one yet. I will see later sometime.

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Post Date: Jul 24, 2004 - 9:20 am

Good Times

Well it seems I will be away from this game for the next few weeks at least. I am working on a flash computer game and would life to get the largest chunk of it complete. CSimplex's server the only one I was playing in has grown boring so I will be self destructing and devoting my time to my own game.

Although I enjoy the tournaments greatly I have not yet decided whether or not I will be playing this one, it is all dependant on the amount of work I complete.

To add some incentive on CSimplex's server I cashed in the ships and put all credits on a planet in the universe. It is not a very large amount but it will give a good leg up to any who find it. This planet is starting with no defences and 87 or so mn colonists with more then 58% on credits and no production on anthing else so they will quickly stop making credits. This last paragraph is a simple riddle giving away the location. Meaning this if you read this your sure to figure it out.

Post Date: Jul 16, 2004 - 10:36 am

The Next Game

Well since a few people figured it out I guess it does not matter if I tell everyone now. A few days ago I joined CSimplex's server, scores will still relatively low and I like the settings over there so I jumped on. I did not register my profile or use a name I had used before so I may do some work without being noticed much. I have been able to jump into fourth place, 20k pts out of 3rd and 60k pts out of second. If I continue at the rate I am now I will have 2nd today, then will be the difficult part as I try to catch Big, who is another 100k above the current second place or 160k ahead of me. I have an idea of how I can do it already so ill see how close I get to him. I will be adding to this blog throughout the day any more updates as I get closer to taking 3rd and 2nd place.

I have quickly jumped into 3rd place and have left myself merely 5k points out of second place, this is an easy climb and I will be able to take second place in a few hours by my planets making credits or if I do one more trade route whichever comes first. I am trying out a new gameplay style that I hope will be effective. We will see in the coming days when it takes its full effect.

As you may of read in Phaser's blog he captured my base, taking my down to 4th place. I was able to bring myself back to 3rd but still 96k points behind Phaser in 2nd. Being forced into it I tested my new strategy and the result was very good. Tomorrow I will be able to utilize it if all goes well, if not it will wait until Friday.

This new style would not be very effective in a tourny scenario but in smaller games it should work very well.

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Post Date: Jul 13, 2004 - 12:44 pm

2 Player Team Tourny - #6 Final Edition

All Spelling errors should now be fixed.
This is a little synopsis of what the team I was on did.

Double Trouble: Alf and DarkSoul

Before anything began we knew our distinct difference in time zones would have to be used to our advantage not many teams could be on all day but our team seemingly could. We also had a nice window where we were both on to keep both of us up to speed.

On the first day Alf was to get a good amount of credits and start a base that may or may not be used permanently. This was a complete success when I got online there was a nice amount of credits. I equipped myself with a trading ship and went crazy doing approximately 25 trade routes, this got me into the top 10 very quickly. I then proceeded to finish the front sector of our first base and started a second. At this point certain players' scores were beginning to raise dramatically i.e. Phaser and Tempest at this point it occurred to me, I had few planets and high max percent of credits why was I not making credits so fast. A quick idea popped in my mind and I began populating my planets as much as I could although having not so many turns I was able to get a few to around 50mn, I sent Alf the message and logged off.

The next day we continued to build up populations and built some more planets at this point the Mrrshran Empire had fallen to the attack experience of Big (HoxD13) and somewhere in the confusion the planets were destroyed. During this day I continued to trade pulling my score to the top 5. During the first few days of the game Alf had gotten a heavy munitions ship which he was using to defend our sectors. By the fourth or fifth day it became apparent that we needed better defence I raised the levels of a razor which I had bought earlier and further defended our sectors. I also went on a few attack runs in which I lost the razor itself. Luckily for us our planets were kicking out credits fast and I quickly jumped in a voyager with even higher levels and continued to upgrade it for the next few days while building up even more planets and searching for other players sectors.

We both knew someone was going to need to show some aggression on our team or we would not be able to hold a top spot. When Big self-destructed it seemed to be like a bell and the assault of the universe began. A great deal of sectors fell all over the place. I had gathered a fair amount of sectors and using some ideas was able to find sectors using new hunting techniques I had devised. I began to attack whoever I could find. The fact that I was not finding Tombstone bases was not making me happy. At one point in my attacks I was hoping the fact I was attacking everyone would coax some other teams to put together an attack ship and attack others themselves hopefully Tombstone could be hit but they hid very well.

A few days before the end maybe four days I cannot remember entirely well I was able to destroy Moonraker's ship (Doc Holiday) I thought for a moment this is the ticket, that destruction had put a nice dent in their score. In the commotion instead of breaking the links from my spy sector I went out to try and get Tarnus too, searching for links to my spy sector. Finding one I went to it and before I could get him Tarnus got me. The interesting thing here was that the difference in team score before the 2 attacks was equal to the difference after. I believe this to be my tragic mistake had I have thought it over better I had already been lucky enough to get out of a sector where Tarnus had the chance to kill me and I had destroyed Moonraker's voyager. For the next few days I mustered funds together for another voyager but there was no way I could equip it with enough firepower to get Tarnus. Alf started to attack some sectors himself as he had been building an excelsior ship in the background although it too was not believed to be strong enough to get Tarnus' voyager.
For the last couple of days I got another voyager and began to attack players once more, finding some good bases allowing me to upgrade my voyager. ON the second last day of the tourney, my last day as I would have not enough time the next I found it, or at least I though I had found it, the base I was looking for, the Tombstone National Bank a sector with 100mn fighters of SD and it had my name on it. I attacked it and eliminated all defence took the 6 planets around close only to find more defence and I had no way of taking it out by that time as I had exhausted all turns. In only a few hours I had thrown around 80 novas taking out defence in countless areas. Seeing this sector so close at my grasp I had one though in my mind, if this sector is taken by anyone the Tombstone score may drop enough to put me and Alf close enough to take the lead, I saw The Donald had attacked a base I had captured for Bottom Gun so I turned to Neongreen first, his internet connection was not working well and I mistook it as a no so I went for it I asked The Donald if he could take it on. I knew time was of the essence and he said he would take it, after handing him the sector he informed me he was going to wait until closer to the end so there would be no retaliation. I knew then and there that no one was breaking in the sector. The next morning I jumped on and low and behold instead of 40mn and 60mn fighters blocking the way 100mn SD on both directions within the sector stood their. I had no way to get through that now so all I could do was watch and wait for the end.

Luck seemed to be on our side for much of this tourney neither of our 2 biggest bases and later a third was not found. This allowed us to gain credits without disruption.

I am sure a lot more happened but these are the events and occurrences that stand out in my mind at this moment. This tournament was a great learning experience and I had a great deal of fun playing it through. I hope to see everyone once more in the next tournament, a thanks to Tempest for setting it up, cya there.

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Post Date: Jul 12, 2004 - 10:15 am

2 Player Tourny - #5: As the End Comes

The battle seems to of died off, not by choice but by shear overwhelming amounts of artillery. After hours of searching I came to a base, it had to of been a nice one, from all the small sectors of Tombstone I was ready to find another 40bn but this one was difference, some time had been put into it. 100mn fighters. I broke through this to find some planets and 2 more directions, but I was unable to continue the attack, I had no time to break through 40mn figs going one way or 60mn the other. I had to sleep and hope that Tombstone would not be back before I  finished the assualt sadly I was mistaken, there now sits 100mn and I have no way of breaking that many again. Now I sit on my indy sectors I have aquired I dont want any of our bases found with so little time left. There may be a few more attacks left in me but nothing big. Congrats to Team Tombstone, it was a hard fought battle and in my mind one well played by all sides. Next blog will tell a few things I cant say while the tourny is still on.

Post Date: Jul 10, 2004 - 11:09 am

2 Player Tourny- #4

These days in the tourny, planet ownership changing hands is not unlikely anymore. Each day the action gets more intense. Today I was going around taking sectors as I have been doing for the last few days. Now I am watching once more but not for long soon enough I will return to an attackers role. I suspect tomorrow in fact. I think I will just have to be more careful. When the Tombstone's come online I will have to watch my back. I will have to watch out for Tarnus for sure, his voyager is nice. I have so m uch more to say and tell you after the tourny I will retell the events in their entirity, just before I take a few days off before I yet again do a test run before the next tourny. Each of these tournies has helped my gameplay greatly. This one has taught me the art of the hunter and ways to hide from mine enemies. I wonder what it will be. I suspect a draft or another Team Tourny. If it is a team maybe I will end up with Tarnus or Moonraker,or Tempest and Big maybe with all of them depending on the type of game, who knows I could be against them all, if a singles tourny is started. The future is mostly uncertain in any game I believe both luck and technique are equally ballanced. The best startegy can be ruined with your own bad luck or someone elses good luck a lucky throw from federation space can end you up in a sector full of planets. The only thing we can be certain of the future is that it will come, and when it is here we will have to deal with it.

Post Date: Jul 6, 2004 - 7:33 pm

2 Player Toury #3

Finally, Alf and I captured the second place team ranking. As with Tarnus and Moonraker we are all climbing towards Big. This second and final week of the tourny will be very good. This being the best game I have played in my time here. I am glad I have not made any dumb mistakes.

What to say about the state of the tourny now though. It is very very quiet, compared to previous days. It seems everyone is hoarding credits for a giant attack. But thats just my opinion, several players had about a realatively large point drop and no attacks in the news. This means one of 2 things, either they lost really big planets going indy or they bought a ship and upgraded it. I am going to reiterate what I said in the previous blog. If you want to get better join the tourny and try to get in a team with people who have been in other tournies. The best type of touraments for the newer players will be draft tournies. More experienced players end up on all teams so you will be able to see proven game strategies. In draft tournies game strategies are set up before the game even starts so that each team can do well.  Thats all for now I guess, maybe ill post some strategies soon, although it is very time consuming for me to write blogs much longer than this one.

Until Next Blog...

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Post Date: Jul 1, 2004 - 11:42 am

2 Player Tourny #2

Sorry I missed a day was very busy with the tournament. It is a crazy one. As many already now Tempest fell victim to the worse enemy of all, sleep. This is not good for Big as he is now singled out at the top, with 2 player teams inching toward him. We will see how he does in the coming days. After Big in player rankings is Tarnus(Wyatt Earp). Then me, Alf, and Moonraker(Doc Holiday)In team rankings, Tarnus is ahead of me and Alf enough to keep us in third place although we are catching up; with him/raker in second and of course Big in first. Today was a very chaotic day as the rest of the week has been, some more surprises came up like Tempest's early departure that change the dynamic of the game. Phaser and Neon, who were on their way to get Big were hit extreamly hard. Big caught phaser and now he is out of the tourny, then it one quick swoop 4 of neon's planets were captured by Big sending neon down quite a ways which in turn allowed people like me a jump in the standings. Well thats all for today I guess, just a little recap of the day to those not playing in the tournament.

Next time join the tournament, they are quick and the best way to better your skills. I have learned a few more things which will be benificial in the future. Quite a few people were not able to play because they didnt register with the profile server. You are on it right now so why not join and when tourny sign-ups come up again in about a week or so join and register right away. If it is a team game team up with friends, or ask around many people will say yes, just be friendly or at a minimum don't be rude. There is a message board and alot of people talk to each other on the game. You can ask for a partner there as well.

Until Next Blog...

Post Date: Jun 29, 2004 - 10:49 pm

2 Player Tourny #1

Well me and Alf had a great start, leaving us as the current 4th place team, Alf's pile of money to start me off was just what was needed, other then a couple problems we still ended up on the positive side of things. The Mrrshran Empire.  came up huge but have trailed off leaving the more well known players like big, diablo, and neongreen to top 3 spots. After them is Tarnus and I. That all for now still have much to do.

Post Date: Jun 27, 2004 - 3:38 pm

Tourny Warm-Up

For the pase 4 or 5 days I have been warming up on CSimpleX's server, phaser #1 had a 300k point headstart and my goal was to see how much I could catch up to him. Well now I have one more day to do it, i am 160k points behind him. I would be alot closer had I not made some very annoying mistakes. warp trades when I should be RS trading, lossing turns to damaged engines plus a few other things. Despite everything I think I can still get very close to him, in about 2 hours I climbed around 40k pts towards him. It will all depend on the indies I think and if I can continue my constant trade runs and planet tending. It will be a busy day for me tomorrow and I think it will be the best training I could get as I will be under a time limit with what is seemingly a very high mountain to climb.

Good Luck on the tourny everyone, it will be alot of things and above all nothing like the other tournies.

Post Date: Jun 25, 2004 - 10:09 pm

Upcoming Tourny

Alright so me and Alf have joined forces in the tournament.

Again I will keep updates on the tournament as I did last one that outline the game from  my own perspective. This is going to be the first tournament in a long time that I can actually dedicate a large amount of time to, so I can finally see how I stack up with the rest.

Before the game starts I would hope everyone has overcome what happened last tourny as those who haven't will tend to make severe mistakes which may cost them dearly. Those who have to choose between 2 choices may lean toward a mistake, I know I have every now and then. What else can I say, gl to all who have teamed themselves because those who are taking their time will be removed and only those serious people, as serious as you can get for a game, following the rules will be left.

I noticed in Big's blog he has me as #1 trader, it was a good laugh seeing that, i havent seen a #1 spot for ages.

Until next blog...cya

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Post Date: Jun 21, 2004 - 9:32 am

Upcoming Tourny

Well I joined the next tourny we will see how this one goes, it looks like it will be intense. I havent got a teammate yet and I hope I get someone capable of doing some work aligned with me. Other then that theres not much to say I haven't been playing AAt for the last few weeks because I have been very busy get work down for the summer. Finally I get a break. SInce these tournies are nice and short ill probably do alot better. I sent a shout on the tourny server looking for a partner but if anyone sees this post send over a PM here if you want to team up.

Post Date: Jun 17, 2004 - 5:32 pm


Well since i am just sitting her biding my time in the tourny I thought I post some random thoughts.

In respect to the tourny, i cant believe how awesome the team im on is doing, ive started my long and slow recovery to the top, making #18 right now and I am closing in on grave digger for #17. Theres only one reason for the climb and right now I cant say what it is. After its over ill give some insight to my strategies if I think it wont hurt me too much.

I see alot of people posting strategies which is fine but im not sure, seems like it makes it too easy for some people. I would much rather help people understand different aspects of the game like ER(efficientcy rating) and let them take it whichever way they want. Ive been playing this game for a very long time, mind you ive taken some month long breaks. I still remember Cheezball from my first time round. If everyone posts there strategy i think we will see too much automatism in the game, one of the best parts of the game is the fact that theres so many veriations to not only play but play well. There are so many aspects to the game, some find dignitaries to be the best bet while others like me would never think of using them.

Langel your recaps are great, im checking yours all the time now for a recap then checking chose that sound of importance. I suggest everyone should do that helps organize things.

Finally the beta game looks like theres some disruptions from those not playing the tourny. Im so focused on the tournament im just hoarding credits there. Im still hoping for a reset before I start falling but it doesnt really matter.

Post Date: May 22, 2004 - 10:38 pm

Tourny 3

Well its been a while I got busy with some real work and couldnt play for several days. This decision although inevitable set me back much more then expected. However i have been coming back despite it. I think the top 15 is in sight possibly even today. What else can I say without giving anything away.

Well my team has taken good control while the GMG have taken great falls, in addition the TBC seem to be gaining on us every hour.

The universe seems like it is ready to explode right now, it is already wild but i think theres so much more to come.

Post Date: May 21, 2004 - 1:42 pm

Tourny 2

These first few days have been hectic, our team has been attacked frequesntly but we have managed to walk out pretty much unscathed, the team is in second now nearing up to fiveyes, a little more work and I think we can catch him. He was very lucky to have as effective a start as he did, even with losing his ship to Tarnus and all. Im still hoping a few of the invites pending will get on and help out, now having the least amount of members in our team. Hopefully Elronde will see this and come and play.  I have to admit though the other teams are very good at hiding, ive been through several hundred sectors and have only picked up on indies, probably some less then good luck included with that.

Our attack squad is stacked, who do we have?? Big, Tempest, Annihilation, Tball, plus a group of others who are willing. Id say more but i dont want to give away anything specific.

One thing im actually glad to see is that may strategies are actually working. Trades and planets are working perfectly and was able to set up a few others as well. Well thats all for this time. Next blog in a couple of days or so probably.

Post Date: May 16, 2004 - 5:14 pm

Tourny 1

This next tourny will be the first using my new strategies. If they work here they will work just about any server I say. I mean just take a look at the opposition, every team is stacked. Im glad to be on the team im on myself, theres alot of people I have not played with and that will mean I can learn and add to my own strategies. I think Alf will be a good leader, he and every leader just have to watch out, with all the people on the teams its inevitable. Im sure there will be some minor problems along the way. That is going to be the biggest difference, just like in any game. The leaders will have to pick wisely who they will trust, every strategy needs to have room for mistakes.

Post Date: May 12, 2004 - 7:06 pm


With respect to the tourny, What I have learned in the short time of playing the beta game has helped me alot, not only have I found out some new game tips, I have discovered what I feel is the best way to trade and make money early on. I think this will help give an advantage to whichever team I end up on. Although I have yet to decide whether or not to let my secret known. Building in quantity will be my main challenge but I have learned alot about that too. If I have to narrow down what I am best at. Trading first, building second, hunting third, then attacking.

Post Date: May 8, 2004 - 11:24 am

Beta Game 2

Just to update on my progress in the beta game. I secured second place, although fiveeyes has a supstantial first place lead, and I congratulate him on that, I think I did well. My base hasnt been found and my strategy seems to be much better now.

Post Date: May 8, 2004 - 11:23 am

Beta Game

Well i joined the beta game in an effort to test some new strategies. The effect top 8 in 1 day. Today being my second day of playing ill have already aquired a maxxed out columbus, and a razorback. Allowing me to build and defend quickly any planet I choose to make. My goal is to take the top 5 positions using significantly less turns.

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Post Date: Apr 25, 2004 - 12:08 pm


Thought I make one of these blogs as I havent yet.
Ive played through several tournies and Im seeing now that alot of the time I must of just been lucky. Either that or I have lost some of my edge in the months I havent played. Ive already died three times which I actually think is kind of funny. See if I do any better this time round now that i have adjusted some of my tactics.

Post Date: Mar 26, 2004 - 2:38 pm
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